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Meet the Norton SEPAC

  • President: Matthew Bernstein

  • Vice President: Nicole Hirsch Paicopoulos

  • Treasurer: Matthew Bernstein 

  • Secretary and Social Media: Meg McGovern

  • Interim President/Events: Audrey Moschella

  • Membership Coordinator: Open Position 

         LG Elementary: Open Position 

        JCS Elementary: Audrey Moschella

        Yelle Elementary: Nicole Hirsch 

        NMS: Open Position 

        NHS: Open Position 

  • Director of Pupil Personnel Services/ Title IX Coordinator: Vincent Cerce

  • Coordinator of Special Education K-12: Casey Russo, CAGS.  

My name is Matthew Bernstein. and I have resided in Norton since October 2020. I am a 2007 graduate cum laude from Bridgewater State where I received my Bachelors Degree in Physical Education/ Motor Developmental Therapy with a minor in Psychology. In 2012, I received my Masters in Education from Fitchburg State. I have been teaching/ coaching students with and without disabilities since 2008. I have worked in therapeutic day programs, residential programs, and in public education. Since 2013, I have been teaching Adaptive Physical Education for the Brockton Public Schools in Brockton, Massachusetts.

I grew up in Stoughton, Massachusetts to a “live, breathe, and sleep” sports family. I have been married to my wife Lauren who is currently a Title One Math Specialist at one of the elementary schools for the Stoughton Public Schools. I have two children who are currently attending elementary school in Norton, Massachusetts. Both of my children are receiving support from the special education program on an I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan). 

I advocate for all students with or without a disability. Every student deserves a free and equitable education in the least restrictive environment possible. I look at the quality of a student’s work over the quantity. My mindset is what can a student do rather than what a student is currently unable to do. It is important to have high/realistic expectations for students with disabilities. All students can succeed when provided with the support, education, and tools to allow them the ability to independently access the general physical education curriculum.  

My name is Audrey Moschella and I have been a resident of Norton since 2014. I am originally from Acushnet and attended New Bedford High School. I received my Associate Degree in Fashion Merchandising from Johnsons and Wales University and a Bachelors in Fashion Design with a minor in Marketing from IADT Tampa. I run a small business here in town, Blush Vanity Room and I have previously been involved as board member for the Norton Parks & Recreation department. 

I have two children who are currently attending the JCS Elementary school. My oldest was born with an extra chromosome- meaning she has Down Syndrome. Her diagnosis at birth leaped us into a world we knew nothing about but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way. I became a quick advocate of all the therapies she required- Speech. OT, PT and how to navigate the I.E.P process. I am a strong believer of full inclusion to the greatest extent in all aspects; school and extracurricular activities. 

“The choices you make today, shape your world tomorrow” was my high school's daily affirmation. I still live by this today and apply it to my daughter's education. I expect her to be held to the same accountability as her typical peers with appropriate support and tools for her to be successful.

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